Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's In a Nickname?

Got into a conversation with an old bloggie friend last night about all my nicknames. If you have spent any amount of time with me around the family and certain friends, you know that I have more nicknames than most. It has something to do with my family's obsession with names & naming things, but even so, I have twice as many nicknames as everyone else in the fam. 

My friend's reasoning for this was that I really am someone different to everyone in the fam, and the names reflect those relationships. I guess I can see some truth in this, with so many sibs and the age gap you tend to take on a different role with each of them. 

With some of the nicknames though, it has gotten to the point where I am no longer known as Sophie to people we meet, but by one of my nicknames-- depending on which sib/family member/friend introduces me. This past week, when visiting old family friends in Florida, Missy told some of the little ones my name was Foofoo (what she, the twins, all their friends, and now most of my cousins and anyone they come in contact with call me). The thing is, I didn't even realize that he was calling me Foofoo until someone corrected him.

I didn't and don't mind it. It's what I go by around here almost all the time-- at least where the 3 of them are concerned.  It was the fact that I didn't even realize he was using the nickname. 

At what point does a nickname become your new identity? Even personal family ones.

Foofoo, Foofee, Foof

Not exactly the name you want to lead with, lol. But it's what the three of them call me. When Missy was little she was unable to pronounce the "S" and instead said Foofee, which became Foofoo or just Foof. The rest of the kids went on to pronounce my name her way and it stuck. 

The other nickname I have had forever, Morena or Morenita, is my dad's favorite and what I have used as my screen name for years-- when available. For those that have asked, its not More Nita, but know what, listen here. And if you already know how to pronounce it, you could probably use some Marco Antonio Solis today anyway. 

My dad thinks he's really funny and likes to add colorful add ons. His favorites-- Morenita Color de Llanta (or Carb√≥n), that's tire and charcoal.  The darker my tan the more colorful the name. 

The other nicknames

Soph-- X is really the only one to call me this, and he always has.

Sis-- Tino uses this

Graciosa-- one of the only names I've "earned". Everyone jokes about the spills I take, as if I can prevent them or am being klutzy and causing them. 1) I'm not laughing when or after it happens 2) I can't stop it from happening 3) Do you think I like breaking/spraining/twisting body parts & then being laid up for weeks?! Excuse the spontaneous ranting, but this one bugs me. 

Sopita-- Nother one dad gave me and everyone uses

And then there are about 10 more that I don't feel like explaining or have never really thought about the spelling you would assign to them. Seriously, with the things the kids come up with is it any wonder I respond to just about every gutteral sound a person makes in my direction?

Seriously though, I know there has to be someone out there with a slightly more ridiculous nickname than, Foofoo. Right? 

Where did you all get your nicknames from?

Oh, and no, I was not sick/dead/lost. I was on vacation in FL and only had a couple sponsored autoposts go live during that time. It was a great vacay, with an ephemeral ending at Disney World, but I plan on going back and am already researching beach rentals for some time away in October/November ( mebe solo this time ;) ).