Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gimme Some of that Disney Magic

When we set out for Florida the word Disney was not in our vocabulary. Yes, without telling the girls I had priced a couple days at Disney, but between the cost, the plans we already made, and the fact that I had to be back in Chicago, I knew there was no way.

There ended up being a little Disney magic at work for us anyway. On our very last day in Florida, the girls and I were treated to a day at Walt Disney World!  Our Disney Magic came in the form of very thoughtful family friends, and their generous friend and then friends of those friends.

It's safe to say we are quite taken, and totally addicted! The day was so much fun.....see for yourselves. 

1st stop, Hollywood Studios!!

We loved Animal Kingdom :)

We almost didn't get a picture with any characters, but then a Disney guide let us know that there were several characters at Epcot for another half hour. Of course we raced over!

How can you not love Goofy!
Perfect end to the perfect day!
As luck would have it, we ended up spending the day at Disney on the only day it did not rain during our entire stay. Now I just need to pick from which Disney resort/hotel we will be staying at this coming year!!!