Friday, August 12, 2011

#Perseids - Chasing Your Starlight!

Tonight is THE night of the year. The night I wait all year for. The night I scout out potential viewing sites year round for. And tonight there will be a full moon. A full moon that is directly overhead at midnight :(

227 images taken during the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower, combined in to one image, using the free startrails.exe. Nick Ares from Auburn, CA, United States

If you are lost, tonight is the night we pass through the Perseids meteor shower, my meteor shower (my dad gave it to me right before my birthday when I was little).  I catch it every year. The best show, so far, was near The Colony, Texas. I was celebrating my birthday with my best friends and on the way home I made them drive out to a dark area where there were ranches and little light. The meteor shower lit up the sky out there. On the way to Titusville we drove through Ocala National Forest around midnight. I would drive back to sit out there on the night of the Perseids. 

The other thing I love about the Perseids is that right after they appear, everything gets sparkly. Everyone starts thinking about fall, winter, the Holidays, and out comes the sparkly. I like sparkly, twinkly, shiny things :)

Like this
Terri Cocktail dress from Julia Clancey

 and these
I've seen several spreads with masks now, and I think it is high time I did up the casts I bought for the purpose! 
and even though I have avoided this trend up till now, I think it is high time I indulged

But best of all are all the shiny things I get to choose from at the International Gem and Jewelry show next month!  Ever been? Its like a big jewelry bazaar with more diamonds and gemstones than you will ever be around again at one time. 

If any of my astronomy buds are reading, don't be mad at me, and don't lecture me! I know the difference between starlight and meteors, thank you very much. I just liked the way that phrase sounds, its from my favorite song by my favorite band-- Starlight by, Muse. 

Let me know tomorrow if you see anything in your corner of the world!