Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Smart Group Called The Clever Girls Collective

Not that long ago there were many sleepless nights, stressed out days, and countless hours spent waiting and wondering. If you have ever had anyone in your family, or that you love, just go and try to drop dead on you in the course of a beautiful morning, then you might know what I am talking about.  Aches and pains took my daddy to the doctor, and then in for a scan for what they thought was a slipped disc, and then rushed right into the hospital for an abdominal aortic aneurysm-- among other things. 

This whole thing is long from over, but at least now we know what we are dealing with and won't be blind sided like we were the last time. I know that there are families out there dealing with medical scares of their own, and even harder and long drawn out ones. After all, my dad has lived a relatively filled life-- he told me so-- with 50+ years, lots and lots of children, and much better standards than the one he was born into. 

He might not admit to it now, but he was worried and scared and knew that there was the possibility that he was saying goodbye to us. We all knew that. As it happened, my dad, the perpetual goofball and comic, had his life saved by a balloon. Not a balloon created by scientists or doctors, nor one employed by his surgeons, but one of his own making. They told us his scans looked odd, but they would not know the reason till they got in there and they needed to do so before his aorta burst. And it just so happened that instead of bursting and bleeding out into his chest, his vein blew up like a balloon on one side, filled up his chest and held all his blood in.

So, what do the Clever Girls have to do with all of this? Well, I was just reminded today, and I never really forgot it, how much I appreciated this little group. Every once in a while I get contacted by PR people looking for a little word of mouth about the different brands, products, sites, events and campaigns they are running. Some of these folks are great to work with, others, not so much. A few months ago, I heard about a couple organized groups that worked with the PR firms and organized bloggers, able to bring more opportunities to bloggers and at the same time dealing with all the stuff that can be tedious when you are contacted individually. So, I joined a couple. 

Out of all the groups that I joined, The Clever Girls were the only ones to consistently bring me great opportunities to work with companies and campaigns-- and most of them are worthwhile stuff that I totally want to let everyone know about, like the Heart for Haiti and Shake Hands With a Hero.  After hearing about the Hispanic Blogger Conference in LA, I pitched The Clever Girls even though it wasn't on their sponsorship list. 

I was over the moon at being chosen, and busy with travel plans and blogging. And then my dad got sick, and everything outside what was immediately going on with my dad was pushed aside. I even forgot about my travel plans, till Edita emailed me details about the conference. 

Out of all the organizations, groups and companies that I work with, The Clever Girls and Edita were the only ones to check in on me, ask how I was doing, how my dad was doing, how the family was doing, if there was anything I needed and requested to be kept updated. And it was not just the one time either, Edita was very genuine in her concern and kept in contact. Granted, I did not publicize what was going on, but I did let people that were contacting me for projects or folks that I was working with at the time know what was happening.

This post is a lot longer than I intended, but like I said, somewhere in the middle, there was something this morning that reminded me about TCGC and how even though I am only one out of thousands of bloggers they work with, but they still remembered me and took some time out of their super busy work days to ask. I just wanted to make sure I said Thank You, and give other bloggers or companies/PR folks a heads up. They really are a great company that look out for both their bloggers and their clients.