Monday, August 29, 2011

Young Love by Mat Kearney, The Relationship Album

It took me less than a minute to remember who exactly Mat Kearney was, but only because I am better with the names, lyrics, and chords of songs that I am with the name of the artist that sings them--- I know. Anyway, as soon as I did a quick search of youtube I instantly recognized him as the TV show song guy-- the name I gave him after hearing several of his songs play on different shows and googled them only to find out that it was Mat Kearney, again. I love this guy, umm, I mean, his songs. 

A couple weeks ago, the One2One Network sent me my very own copy of Mat's album, Young Love, which came out August 2nd, to listen to. It seriously came right as I was dealing with some new relationship stuff, hashing out old relationship stuff, and dishing with girlfriends about their own relationship stuff. That last bit matters because when you listen to the album track by track, not only is it about young love as the title suggests, but it is about relationships or non-relationships in just about every stage. 

Songs, Ships in the Night and Chasing the Light are my favorites, with lyrics that describe the experience of so many relationships and the things people go through together. Mat Kearney is so much more than the TV show song guy. The album has me ready for a fling, lol. Too bad summers over! 

Just listen to the lead single, Hey Mama

Fun, no? 
You can check out Mat Kearney's website here and purchase the album on iTunes here