Monday, September 26, 2011

Feast of the Hunter's Moon Tribal Inspired Look #Fashion #History #Travel

Every year, there are these fabulous living history rendezvous that occur all over the country. Here in the Midwest they are usually held at or near pre- or post- colonial forts, include a Native American and/or military aspect, and most of the time they are near a body of water-- think river. They are also tons of fun!

This past weekend I went to The 44th Annual Feast of the Hunter's Moon, held at Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park near West Lafayette, Indiana. My family has been going for years, but I have always had something going on in the past and was never able to make it-- won't happen again. This particular rendezvous is one of the oldest in the Midwest, and is how most of the others got started-- Fort de Chartres, for example. It re-creates the annual fall gathering of the French and Native Americans that took place here in the mid- 1700s when Fort Ouiatenon was occupied. 

You can read all about it here, and maybe even plan your own trip next year! 

Here are some snapshots from my day:
Loved all the beading, and beautiful Native American beading is what got me into making jewelry when I was younger.

Everyone had to eat!

There was fur lined everything, everywhere. Not sure how much of it was real and how much was faux, but you can find very well done faux fur pieces nowadays to wear without feeling guilty.
So next year, I want to join the performers and live a little history of my own. HA!

For now though, this weekend actually got me excited about shopping for fall-- I hate giving up summer. And all I can think about are rich suede, earth tones and beaded everything.
Tribal Inspired
Tribal Inspired by sophiesmark

The dress is from H&M's upcoming collaboration with Versace (!) and reminds me of a buckskin dress, though shorter. The beaded fringe bracelet is Vera Wang, all sold out now, but I spotted it last year and saved the pic because I used to make pieces like it for myself all the time-- it's time for another one!

Boots are from BearPaw, of course. They no longer have the white furry boots with the band that I fell in love with last year, but I can see myself in these. Actually have a similar pair, just shorter. Oh, the cardigan, isn't it gorgeous. It's American Living, just went on sale today too. 

Have you seen the Navajo line from Anthropologie? There is a gorgeous coat I want too, ahh. Anyone else spied any tribal inspired pieces they just have to have?