Thursday, September 15, 2011

My #Target Still Has #Missoni, Just Nothing I Want

As most of my readers, friends, family know, I am not a label whore. However, I have always been attracted to Missoni because of the bright colors and design that is used in the clothing. So, when I heard that Target was bringing the designer into the fold, I was as excited as all the crazy fashionistas out there. 

I was not crazy enough to brave the crowds first thing in the morning on Tuesday though-- the time at which otherwise super nice women turned into a pack of dogs and will claw you with their perfectly manicured nails. The twins and I did stop in sometime in the afternoon though, after the dust had cleared, and I was super surprised to find that there was actually a lot of stuff left at my Target store. Now, I moved out to the boonies remember? And I am guessing that the farming families out here are just about as label lusting as I am, but I still expected most of it to go because the town next to us are a bunch of jet setting millionaires that just started building gated communities-- oh wait, they don't need Missoni at a discount, do they?

Anyway, I just returned from Target, to have another look without the twins in tow, to see if there was not anything I was abso certain I didn't want. I was very tempted to bring home the laptop sleeve but I already own three and only have the one laptop. And those gorgeous rain boots! I have a thing about rain boots, love them, and the thought of skipping around Venice and Paris in them. But, they only have several pairs in a size seven, and those wood heels that I would never wear. Oh well. 

Did anyone else have any luck snagging anything they wanted from the Missoni for Target line?  I really wanted either of the striped skirts, because those are right up my aisle, but they were all out by the time we looked.