Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sugar Shock Cinnamon Roll Pancakes #Recipe #Cooking

Thank you Stumble Upon! The girls decided they wanted to have pancakes for breakfast this morning and they could not find our handwritten recipe, so I got online to look it up. Started stumbling and a recipe popped up for Cinnamon Roll pancakes! 

The site was, a great resource for original recipes for the family. The recipe was super easy to follow and replicate, and I was super glad that it did not call for all these ingredients that we did not have on hand. Really it was just the basic, butter, eggs, flour, cinnamon, brown sugar, and cream cheese.  

So once you get the pancake poured out onto the griddle you need to quickly create your cinnamon roll swirl with a mixture of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. This works best when you make fluffy pancakes because otherwise the heavy brown sugar mixture will sink into the pancake and hit the griddle, making it hard to flip in one piece and keep together. 
This is wake the cake looks like once its all browned nicely-- I like pale pancakes and even though these look brown its not because they are burned. The brown sugar mixture spreads and gives the one side a nice sugar brown crunch!
Once you get the pancake made, its time to smear on a healthy dose of cream cheese frosting in place of butter or syrup. Here is what our cream cheese frosting looked like when I dumped a dollop on and before I spread it around with a knife.
Everyone loved them! I could not make them fast enough. We made the first couple just like recipe girl did, and to look like a traditional cinnamon roll, but a couple in the family cannot handle super sweet like me, so I did a single swirl for us. I loved the one swirl and a few hours later snacked on a cold one that fell apart and it still tasted delicious cold-- I would never eat a regular pancake cold. 

They are not hard to make, but it is a lot to juggle on your own. As soon as I got a system working though, it was much faster. We did all agree that these are special occassion pancakes though and plan on making them on celebratory mornings-- Christmas morning, birthdays, anniversaries etc. 

To try the recipe visit,  Normally I would just type up the recipes that I use here, but the blog owner creates these recipes and I am very much for giving credit where its do and sending traffic to the original poster is very much a part of that-- so go get the recipe from her folks! Totally worth it :)