Thursday, September 8, 2011

#WhatsBlooming Thursdays, Beauty in a Fading Garden

Yesterday I got the girls outside to help me clean up the front garden a bit and I was so happy to hear Catherine say that even though the garden was dying, it was still beautiful. Christine then added that it was a different look, but it was just as pretty. 

So glad that they see what I see, and it gives me hope that they will love gardening as much as I do.  

We moved on to the veggie garden and picked what I think are the last of the beans off the poles.  Again, it was not our most successful vegetable garden, but we make do with what we have. Do I love vegetable gardening enough to cut down a handful of the hundreds of oak trees that surround our home, no, but some days I am tempted ;)

Now, I know there are hundreds of memes, hops and themed days out there, but I love seeing what is growing in everyone else's garden. Feel free to share your gardening posts, flowered pics, or garden inspired travels that you posted this week for us to view. If I get enough interest we might make it a weekly thing. Please add the #WhatsBlooming Hashtag when you tweet out or post. Thanks!