Friday, September 16, 2011

#WhatsBlooming Thursdays, Walking in the Wild #Gardening

I didn't forget to posts this weeks #WhatsBlooming post, I just got busy and then decided it could wait till the morning. So, this is this week's #WhatsBlooming Thursday on Friday. 

I think late summer is actually the best time for wildflowers, more seems to be blooming now and I love the bright oranges and yellows that dominate. This past week the girls and I took to the bike trails again and came across a lot of wetland and prairie. We snapped shots of several different wildflowers that were blooming.

Now, I know there are hundreds of memes, hops and themed days out there, but I love seeing what is growing in everyone else's garden. Feel free to share your gardening posts, flowered pics, or garden inspired travels that you posted this week for us to view. Please add the #WhatsBlooming hashtag when you tweet out or post. Thanks and can't wait to see your flower pics!