Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Was A Taboo & Carnaval Kinda Day! #LatinMusic #Musicalatina #Music

Most people start their day and choose a playlist to go along with how they are feeling when they step out the door.  I am the total opposite. Generally, I get up, randomly pick a couple songs to play, one sticks, deciding the kind of day I am going to have. Weird, I know. 

Today, Taboo, was the second song on shuffle. Perfect! It's totally a Taboo kinda day :)

Its funny because no matter how much I tell myself its enough with Don Omar, Pitbull, and Daddy Yankee, I keep coming back to their music. Its just so addictive. 

But back to Taboo. I still have to do Carnaval. Every year I say I am going to go, but then something comes up or I forget till the last minute and then prices are ridiculous. What do you think? Should I just bite the bullet and go this year? 

I would have to talk a friend into going with me because the chicas that I know would hop a plane in an instant and dance their way down every street with me are busy being pregnant, or taking care of a new baby, or delivering babies (nm, I don't think she is doing that after all-- but she could if she had to), and then one is going through her last year of school so that they will let her deliver babies.  You all know who you are. 

Anyway, Carnaval is no fun solo, and not everyone is Carnaval travel buddy material. Friends, applications are officially open if you think you have it in you ;)

Now I just need to find a couple staples to get me through the celebration. All I really want is a sparkly dress for the evening, something flapperish that will move a lot, and then two skirts with tons of movement-- one black, one white-- that I can pair with a handful of bright colored tops. Now is certainly not the time to be shopping for Carnaval worthy pieces, but I am sure once it gets closer to the New Year, everything will get sparkly and fabulous again!