Saturday, December 3, 2011

Antiquing in Illinois: The Shops of Ridgefield

Photo Credit: Shops of Ridgefield
 Ridgefield is and isn't an entirely new area to me, funny how we can go places that we never even knew was a place to be. Now that we moved a little further west, we have explored a little more each season and gone antiquing, shopping, and just visit areas that are entirely new to us. Call me crazy, but this city girl loves small towns too-- plus they are the best places to find vintage anything.

After having seen ads for The Shops at Ridgefield a few times, I talked mom and the girls into an antiquing trip. Without knowing it the girls and I had wandered into the Ridgefield area several years earlier. Ridgefield is the street that runs along the railroad, and is the name of the unincorporated village that got overshadowed by Crystal Lake but never really swallowed up. 

But on to the antiquing. Since this was the first time we have ever been, we really didn't know what to expect. What we found was an interesting mix of four antique shops that each had a different vibe and selection. The first stop was, The Comfy Cottage, a small shop filled with Christmas decor, a nice selection of vintage jewelry and small antiques, as well as homemade items. This was the only place that had jewelry worth looking at, and there were a couple pieces I was mulling over and intended to go back for, but we got a call about surprise guests and left early. 

Right next door was, The Country Church, which was a nice mix of antiques that were all tastefully displayed. Almost everything was for the home, a small selection of Christmas decor, and plenty of furniture to choose from if that is what you are out looking for. I did see a beautiful stained glass window that I would need a huge window to hang it up in.

Across the tracks are two more shops, the first, The Blue Wind Gallery, fills the first floor of a home to the rafters-- literally. If you are at all claustrophobic you might have a hard time sifting through everything that fills the home. Right next door is the, Railroad Street Antique Market, one of those romantic antique store types. Books, small antiques, home decor are all plentiful here. 

In the end we did come away with a couple treasures. I would share them with you all now, but all but one is going under the tree and the one that isn't has already been gifted. Now that I know what to expect from The Shops of Ridgefield I am certain I will be back.