Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Art and Architecture Buffs

There are a lot of art and architecture buffs on my Christmas shopping list, so I am always looking for fun, useful, and even educational gifts that are art related. Here are a few gift ideas for the art and architecture buff in your life, all of them are from my own list to buy others and myself!

Facade Tea Towels
I bought my first tea towel on my first trip to London. I love tea, but never use a tea towel and didn't want it hanging in the kitchen as a kitchen towel so I turned it into a throw pillow.  Been buying whimsical ones ever since and using them for everything but what they are meant for. Found these Facade Tea Towels a while back and have been stuck on what I would do with them. Any ideas?
Facade Tea Towels, $22,

Modern Art Memory Game
My mom taught me everything I know about art, and not just because we were h
omeschooled, but because it was her thing. For the younger set, using art in games really is a great way to teach-- I still remember all those Little Dover Books filled with postcards and stamps. The Modern Art Memory Game is meant for all ages though, played in the traditional sense, but you can adjust the number of works displayed to fit the age of the players. 
The Modern Art Memory Game, $12,
The Art Museum
You know how travel guides always say that no matter how many hours you leave for a museum, you will probably only see a tenth of the displayed collection and even less of the entire museum collection. Well, personally, that always depresses me. Its true though. I have been visiting the Art Institute of Chicago since I was in the womb and there is always something new. And now there is an art museum in a book, put together by over 100 art history gurus, on 1,000 pages, and over 2,500 of the most important works of art in the world. (If you are going to buy it, get it from Amazon where it is 50% cheaper than everywhere else)
The Art Museum, $200 ($100 on Amazon!),
Wright Water Lilies  Panel
Been watching the stained glass panels at the Art Institute for a long time now, Water Lilies are still my favorite.

Wright Water Lilies Glass Panel, $73,
The Louvre: All The Paintings
Had to include this book because I have it myself-- and if I didn't I would want it!
The Louvre: All The Paintings, $45,
Happy Shopping!