Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fox Down Your Pants, Just Weird or Wrong?

I came across a real gem in my email this week- candy colored fox fur vagina patches. No, I did not get auto corrected, I really did mean candy colored FOX (not faux) FUR down there. Who comes up with this stuff?

So apparently a fairly well known spa has come up with a new beauty thing for women to try now that the novelty of vajazzling and tanning tattoos has worn off.  It involves a full bikini wax and then the application of tufts of fox fur that have been colorfully dyed. Bright colored feathers are the other option, though I sincerely hope that the pointy ends have been filed down or something. 

A few things....

Why would you go through the pain of getting rid of the fuzz only to add more obnoxious fuzz?

How can anyone justify snagging fox fur for this purpose? We have foxes running around here all the time, they are beautiful and I hate to think of this happening.

Do women really think this looks good? Do their men? I mean, are there really guys out there that appreciate tickling a neon orange, green, yellow, and pink vag patch?

And finally, would you do it?  I mean really ladies, is there anyone out there that finds this appealing? If so, I wanna hear it.