Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Love With Downton Abbey

Photo Credit: Town & Country
I don't know why, but for some reason it would make sense that my latest obsession is another British drama-- period one at that. The winter months do require one good excuse to cuddle up on the couch every week.  When Lark Rise to Candleford went off the air I never thought that anything half as good could be produced, but I was wrong. Glad I didn't have to wait for forever.

I am so in love with Downton Abbey. And not just the story, but the fashion. It has always been one of my favorite periods (Edwardian) for clothing, and I just wish I had the daily excuse to dress up. All those beads! 

Photo Credit: Town & Country
If you aren't a viewer, you should be. In a nutshell, Downton Abbey follows the lives of the three Crawley sisters, Mary, Edith, and Sybil, their parents, the Earl of Grantham and Countess of Granthem, the next heir, Matthew and his mother, Mrs. Crawley (Aunt Gardiner in Pride and Prefudice), the Dowager Countess (Tea With Mussolini, Secret Garden, Gosford Park), and then the staff who play a significant role in the drama and the lives of the family.

Photo Credit: Town & Country
Last year was kinda sad, and I went from disliking Mary to rooting for her because of how much of her story is tied to the house. And wow, what a house. And when you really get down to it, Downton Abbey actually is about Downton Abbey and all the people that I mentioned up there are really just living for it.

If there was a library like that sitting in the family, my family, damn straight I would do everything and anything to keep it in the family. That's where all the women come in, because even though Lord Grantham walks around saying he would do anything and has given his life to keeping Downton Abbey from going to the dogs, you know its going to be the women that actually end up crossing that finish line first.
So why am I so in love with Downton Abbey? I guess it has a little to do with the fact that the story, acting, and beauty totally sucks you in, a little bit more to do with the accents (yum! I need to get back to England) and a whole lot to do with the clothes. For the first time in a long time I am inspired to make things. My need to be creative comes and goes in waves and its like a friggin tidal wave has hit!

I know there are more of you out there that love Downton Abbey- ratings don't lie.