Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worth a Watch: Christmas in Yellowstone

Before we travel anywhere I like to learn as much about a place as possible. Not saying that I am heading to Yellowstone anytime soon, but like books, PBS really is a window to the world (sidenote: I got to say that once for their cameras). It is somewhere I want to see soon though, in a long list of other places I intend to visit. 

Christmas in Yellowstone is a really beautiful video that is definitely worth a watch. The movie covers the history and wildlife of the park, in a season most visitors don't come around for. Only nature could make this stuff up-- absolutely breathtaking. 
Watch Christmas in Yellowstone on PBS. See more from Nature.
In the video John Colter and his exploration is mentioned- he was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition- because he spent a winter in the area on his own. Colter was used as the subject of the novel, Wilderness.
A second book is also mentioned, Silence and Solitude.
I'll be getting both with my next Amazon Gift Card!