Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hoarders At Heart?

Moving, unpacking, moving, unpacking. That pretty much sums up the life of most young adults, whether they go to college or not. All that moving does have its benefit, it reduces the likelihood to hoard on account of Having to move your hoard (unless you have a parental abode to stash your hoard in while you are in transit). 

I'm sure everyone has seen at least one episode of Hoarders, or at least heard of it. The show follows the lives and treatment of people that are true hoarders, filling homes, yards, and cars with stuff-- most of it nasty. Every time I see an episode I stress out about the wall of boxed up books, the core of my personal library, that have never been unpacked.  

Even more stress inducing is the remainder of the house that has never really been unpacked either, rifled through boxes and piles of belongings waiting to go on the shelves that are to be installed once the perfect color is chosen, the walls are painted and the flooring put in.  

I know very few people that don't have some type of hoard somewhere, some stash of things that they just cannot bring themselves to discard. Things have a way of growing on us, reminding us of a day, a person, a time. They can be comforting, really. I think many of us are mini hoarders at heart, and even those perpetual thrower outers that I have spoken with mention a desire to keep things but a kind of manic overriding drive to get rid of stuff in order to prevent any hoarding. 

So, I came across this new book called, The Hoarder in You, by one of the doctors that works with people on the Show, Hoarders. As I skimmed through it, I was cracking up because there was a lot in there that I could see in myself and other people. However, I think my "hoarding" has to do with just one aspect of my life and things-- books. I collect books, not just to have though, I actually read them and covet the knowledge between the covers. I don't keep them all once I have read them though, just the ones that I will read and reread and reference in the future. I do have to get them on shelves and in order though. 

There is this quiz that is supposed to give you an idea of the hoarding tendencies that you might exhibit. Vital juice recently made that quiz available to their readers. Its interesting to see just what could be considered as hoarding behavior. Take the quiz, here. 

So, how did you do?