Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My 5 From Urban Outfitters March Catalog #Fashion

With every new Urban Outfitters catalog there is a list of pieces that I want. Usually those pieces go into two piles-- the ones that I want and need to buy and the ones that I want a version of and aim to create myself.  

These are the ones that I cannot make and want to buy for myself ASAP. The best part, all of them transition very nicely from spring to summer. If any of it looks familiar to what I have featured in the past its because I like what I like.

Cloisonne Drop Earrings
I love cloisonne jewelry. Have tons, will continue buying it and these are a perfect addition to my collection.  
Piplette by Alice Ritter, Camille Dress
I love this dress because they are not in your face polka dots, plus the way they dress is cut and structured leaves it so that the polka dots are more random rather than all lined up. And then there is the casual sweetheart top, kinda giving off a fifties vibe, without being so literal. I love the almost, but not quite look!

Ecote Eyelet Peasant Blouse
Not your usual peasant blouse, but it is what I think of when I think of peasant blouses that I would wear. So Selma tubing down a river.....what movie was that?
Ecote Beaded Ankle-Wrap Sandal
I love beads and I love it when shoes are beaded. The three bands and the ankle zip up the back are just my style!
Lila Rice Bangle Bracelet
Saved the best for last! I am a total sucker for anything with a tall ship on it, but there are very few pieces that are beautiful enough to wear. This simple bangle is one of them.
Check out the new pieces in the March catalog for yourself at, UrbanOutfitters.com