Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worth a Watch: Vincere

Every time I talk about a foreign film that I think everyone else needs to watch, I go off on why people need to give foreign films a chance. I'm not going to do that today. Today I am just going to tell you about the Italian film, Vincere, and tell you why I think you'll want to watch it.

The thing about history is that it lives on way after we are gone. Even when we don't write something down or try to cover something up, the details and story find their way to the surface. In the film, Vincere, Ida Dalser is just one story that someone tried to erase. It didn't work. 
The film starts around 1905, with a young Ida and Mussolini, and the very passionate relationship they began. It continues through Mussolini's rise in politics, and then we learn about Ida's abandonment by Mussolini. As the story goes, Ida and Mussolini were married and had a son. Apparently Mussolini had a daughter with another woman before his song was born and he married the mother many years later-- denying his alleged first wife and son.

Ida repeatedly and obsessively dogged Mussolini for acknowledgment-- and who can blame her-- telling everyone that would listen that she was his wife and that her son was theirs. Eventually, Mussolini got tired of this and things became difficult for both Ida and her son. He went on to use his secret police to gather and destroy records regarding their relationship, basically erasing their existence. 

So why would you want to watch it? Because its raw and an amazing human story, its also a very powerful love story that director, Bellocchio, makes us a witness to in a way very few directors can. I'm almost mad at myself for waiting so long to see it, after first hearing about it when it came to Chicago during a film festival.

It's not available for viewing on Amazon Prime, but I am not sure about Netflix. You can get it on DVD or BluRay on Amazon though- and its totally worth the buy! 
Vincere on Amazon