Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 ESCONI Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show #Chicago

You know how I am always talking about all these nerdy things that I am interested in? Well besides astronomy and space exploration, this happens to be one of them. The interest started way before I got my first Rock and Gem Magazine, way before the National Geographic videos that I memorized word for word. 

My interest in minerals and gems stemmed from afternoons spent playing behind my father's shop-- at least that's where I think it started.  Back in the day our old neighborhood was lined with gravel and there were actual working farms. The lot behind the shopping center my parents had their business in was filled with rocks, and I would spend hours sifting through them (much to my mothers annoyance) in order to find the special ones. 

Long story short, minerals, gems, fossils, seashells, and the chance to go on a dig (a bucket list item I plan on ticking off in the near future) have always been of interest. For some reason, unlike my astronomy interest, it has not been something I have done socially, more of a book knowledge collector than anything. That and this idea I have in my head that the best shows, digs, and collectors are out west so I have to be content with learning what I can from books. 

Not this year though! Every year I hear about a couple of mineral and fossil shows and digs that happen here in IL, but it is always after the fact. Granted, the one dig that I was looking forward to is already booked, but the  ESCONI Gem, Mineral and Fossil show is taking place this weekend and since that is about as local as I am going to get, I plan on going! 

The club will be hosting their annual event at College of DuPage on Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free and its open to all ages. There will be museum exhibits, demonstration booths, book sales, a live and silent auction and dealers. 

You can find out more about the event, here.

Anyone here every been to a mineral and fossil show?