Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fringe for the Fringe!

I'm totally loving fringe right now. 

I have been obsessed with fringe ever since I saw that one magazine spread where Jennifer Aniston was wearing that short fringe skirt. Then there was the Hunter's Moon Festival where everyone was covered in leather fringe-- loved it! And of course, I love the 20's, because of all the fringe. 

I keep dancing around outfit ideas though, because I worry that the look doesn't come off the same on me. Since then though, I have found some really cute cuts and designs that keep the look more feminine and less flashy. 

Here are some pieces I found, based on designer looks I loved, all under $100.

NastyGal, $26
Nasty Gal, $55
tobi, $36
Shopbop, $56

And then this dress that I found a few months back, from Topshop.  There are tentative plans to do Carnaval next year, going to wear this!
Source: via Unus on Pinterest

And don't even get me started on jewelry and accessories covered in fringe. Remember that Vera Wang bugle bead fringe bracelet I showed you all a while back-- still haven't made it. I have been collecting metal chain and bits everywhere I can, to upcycle into fringed necklaces and earrings. 

Off to fringe everything in sight! Oh yeah, might as well start with this variation on an infinity scarf that Missy sent me. I made a couple out of old tees, but love this fringed version!