Thursday, March 29, 2012

Salute to Girl Scouts at Kennedy Space Center

Have I told you all how much I am excited about it being the 100 anniversary of Girl Scouts? Well, I am! There is so much going on this year all over the country to celebrate, including the Salute to Girl Scouts at the Kennedy Space Center. 

That's right, there is a special Girls Scout day at that awesome place in Florida where space nerd dreams come true. Remember that post I did earlier this month, telling you guys all about our trip-- The One in Which We Went to Space

The Salute to Girl Scouts event takes place this weekend, and even though we can't attend, I wanted to make sure that mention it in case there is anyone in the area that might want to attend. From

Come out and celebrate the 100th anniversary on March 31, 2012, with a special "Salute to Girl Scouts" program followed by a Salute to Girl Scout Overnight Adventure.

This year's Salute to Girl Scouts program emphasizes the importance of robotic exploration. Guests will be toured through Exploration Space: Explorer's Wanted and the Mars Rovers exhibit, and will learn about the importance of each of the rovers they will see. Scouts will also get to participate in a hands-on activity of building an end effector "grappling device." 

There will also be a special meet and greet with astronaut Susan Kilrain, a former Girl Scout who logged 471 hours in space! When we went down, we didn't find out which astronaut would be available for the meet and greet till we arrived. 
This could be you!
If you get to go, it sounds like its going to be tons of fun, and there is a special commemorative patch involved-- NASA is all about patches, like the Girl Scouts!

Follow the link for more info, y'all!