Friday, April 20, 2012

Rascal Flatts, Changed Album Review

Just a few years ago I had never even heard of Rascal Flatts, these days I wonder what I spent my youth listening to. it was actually a friend that introduced me to the band in college via a similar introduction to MTVs world of reality television. Rascal Flatts made an appearance for an over the top sweet sixteen party and as soon as I heard them play I was a fan.

If you are not familiar with the band, they are good so take the time to look them up and listen to their heartfelt music. For me it was the powerful lyrics and excellent playing that drew me in, you can't hear them and ignore it. Powerful lyrics are exactly what their latest album, Changed, is made up of. The eighth album from the band was released on earlier this month on, April 3rd, to the delight of their huge fan base. 
If you are already a fan, or listen to country stations, I am sure you have already heard the single, Banjo, and ow how much fun it is. Anyone that knows me, knows that nine out of ten of the songs that I listen to are going to be Latin singles, but I want a banjo as badly as I wanted an accordion after I first heard Venegas rock out on one. Check out the band playing Banjo on The Ellen Show

So I was sent a copy of the album, Changed, to listen to and share my thoughts. I've been listening to it for a couple weeks now, over and over again. I think all you have to do is listen to the single, Changed, to really understand where the guys are coming from. The lyrics to every song say the things folks everywhere are thinking, feeling, and living. It's safe to say that I love the new album, and I am going to keep listening to this country group. 

The best part for fans is when a band goes on tour, and of course they will be taking a nationwide tour! Not sure if I am going to be around when they come to Chicago, but they will be in Milwaukee a month before then so I have two chances to see them :) you can check out their tour dates at and if you want to try and win a trip to see them check out the widget below. 

Let me know if you win and I'll let you know if I get that banjo ( and that dress!)! 

*I was provided with a copy of this album to review in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.*