Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I Can't Stand Lisa Lampanelli

I don't really remember the first time I thought that some celebrities were better off forgoing these reality shows in order to boost or restart their careers. 9 out of 10 times, its a bad idea, at least in my opinion. True, there have been some success stories, but for the most part I, and the better part of the world that happens to catch a bit of these reality shows, ends up irritated, disliking, or in the case of Lisa Lampanelli (and Aubrey O'Day), not able to stand them at all. 

For the record I think it should be noted that I rarely watch television, and very little of what I do see is reality television. The snippets that I do get to see are minutes of what is actually taking place, so the fact that I am still able to dislike someone based on that amount of time says a lot. Thing is, I grew up with a very skilled manipulator. I know their tricks, I know the moves, I can guess how people will react to them before they even know themselves and I can smell them a mile away. Its even more frustrating when people come to recognize that they have been manipulated, or that someone is a serious manipulator, but continues to play into the person's hand or makes excuses for them- but that is an entirely different discussion for another day. 

Back to Lisa Lampanelli. I think the celebrities that get on these shows thinking they are going to win back their fan base, a new fan base, or a bigger fan base because they are so fantabulous don't really realize how much their shit stinks. And that is why they do it. And of course they will blame editing, everyone else, yada yada, when really they are just shallow, rotten people.

After just watching the way Lisa behaved for a few minutes I knew what was to come from her, and really I only continued watching to see if the producers would actually air any of it. And they did. The manipulator/bully to sobbing victim routine was classic. The first time. The fact that she has continued to do it, with the same people, can look overdone, but if you pay close attention, there is always an added audience that has yet to "feel" for her. Like I said, happening to personally witness this over a lifetime I can understand why she does it again and again even though the others have already seen it-- namely, there is still some attention to be had and some sympathy to garner or to put it simply, someone left to manipulate. 

In Lisa's case she has done the classic manipulator move. She has grabbed on to Dayana as the individual she is most threatened, slighted by, jealous, or what have you. And all through the show, Celebrity Apprentice for those readers who are not viewers, Lisa has successfully managed to manipulate many members into not just feeling sorry for her, but into associating negative feelings with Dayana, and even negative behavior, all on Lisa's behalf. 

Honestly, anyone who has not dealt with it personally, is mind boggled trying to figure out why anyone would behave this way and if they can see and understand what is going on themselves, they want to bang the heads of anyone that is taken in. It's frustrating, I know. Its also the reason I cannot stand Lisa Lampanelli.    

Don't even get me started on the irony that is Aubrey and her, "I'm here to raise awareness about bullying", all while bullying everyone around her for being "old, stupid, and not her" which are all things that have come out of her mouth.