Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 Free and Fun Things to Do in Florida

I was reading 4 Fun Things to Do in Florida by fellow blogger, Kecia, over on Southern Girl Ramblings and I got to thinking how everyone thinks of Disney World when they hear about a Florida vacation. When we were in Florida last summer I couldn't help but think how expensive it must be to live near so many exciting options. And in just the two weeks we were there I ran through more money than I have on any other vacation-- including those to Europe. 

But I'm here to tell you that there are a lot of free and fun things to do in Florida-- and we did all of these.
I especially like these because they get kids outside, and are educational at the same time. Make sure you visit Keica and check out her Florida fun when you are through reading here!

Catch a Launch
We caught the last space shuttle launch of the program, but there are still plenty of launches happening on the Space Coast. I was able to catch the SpaceX Dragon launch online, but I hear it was quite the show from friends that live in the area and got up at 3 am.  Why not camp out, enjoy the beach and catch a rocket launch at the same time!

Track Down a Manatee Family
We knew that we wanted to see manatees on our trip, but weren't sure there would be any around. While the other campers around us were racing to secure spots on manatee spotting boats, at $50 a person, we opted to drive out to Haulover Canal on Merritt Island. When we got back to camp we found out we were the only ones that saw manatees that day!  
Seashell Collecting
I gave the girls their own spending money while we were in Florida, and boy were they more money conscious than they are with my money, lol. Every gift store we went into had seashell gifts-- frames, nightlites, shell clocks, shadowboxes etc. We had already spent some time collecting shells, but once the twins realized they could spend their pocket money on treats and make gifts instead (HA!) they went on a shell collecting frenzy. Granted, they made very lovely seashell frames for family and friends, shell ornaments, and even candle pillars with shell holders. Make sure you have an idea of what you are going to be making before you head out so that the kids are excited about the activity. 

Become a Beach Bum
Seriously, I could do this professionally. There were not enough hours in the day for us to spend at the beach. Mainly because we love being at the beach, but also because there is a nasty rainstorm every day during the summer. Just make sure you plan for the day, but there are countless beaches on all coasts that make for beautiful days spent outside.  

There are a lot more, but these are my favorite free things to do in Florida....and ones I wouldn't mind doing again some time soon.