Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Top 5 Apps for the iPad

My top 5 favorite apps for the iPad change all the time, naturally, as I add new ones. There are one or two that have stayed favorites no matter what else I find. I know I usually categorize everything, because that is how I like things, but the 5 apps listed are all over the place in interest. 

5. Video Star

I am the worst person to ask to make a video. Love checking them out, but I can't make one. Video Star makes it super easy, and especially easy when you have no clue what you are doing but have all these ideas in your head. I love that it plays back, so that you don't have to match up spots and all that time consuming stuff. Best part, its free! 

4. Snapseed
With Instagram I was not tempted to pay the $5 for Snapseed, but I knew that there were a lot better photo apps out there. Then one day it was gratis, so I grabbed it and it has quickly become my favorite phone editing choice-- and that's from someone who does not even try using PhotoShop EVER. There are tons of options to make your pictures really stand out, and really good photos and not just the crappy ones that Instagram is able to make post worthy. 

3. Paper 53
This is the app for folks that are addicted to Moleskin journals. I love mine, any journal really, and have really resisted moving over to digital versions. You basically create any number of journals that you can then write, draw, sketch, or do whatever in. Once you get a journal going, you really can't stop and I now have journals going for so many different things.

2. Planetary

I just bought Planetary, might be one of the free apps I scored- don't remember, and I love it. I am a huge space nerd, and I love my music, so combining the two seems like it was an idea made for me. Planetary is Blooms first app, and I am not sure how they can top it. Basically the app takes your music and creates a galaxy where each artist is essentially a star and the discography compromises the planets that orbit it. Planets then have moons, which are the tracks that are in your personal music collection. You can even make constellations from music you especially love-- I love the whole thing and it is so much more fun that all the other music apps out there.

1. Nat Geo Today

I grew up reading National Geographic issues, waited for them to show up in the mail box every month and skimmed as much as I could before I had to hand it off and wait my turn.  It, and the spinoffs, are still my favorite magazines. The Nat Geo Today app gives me something to read or learn each and every day, and the incredible things that are put forward keep me coming back to this app more than any other.  

I am sure a month from now there will be a new app or two in my top 5, it always happens. Know of any apps that I just have to try? What are some of your favorites?