Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Day At The Brookfield Zoo #Chicago #Travel

There is never nothing to do in Chicago, and I am always excited to see a different part of it. Its just as fun to visit places in the city that friend's or visitors have never seen. Last week I had the chance to go to Brookfield Zoo with a huge group of young women that had never been there before. I have kind of mentioned the Girls' World Forum on here, but I still have to do so in greater detail. Here's a shot of a huge lot of them watching the dolphin show. 

The bus I was chaperoning just made it there for the tail end of the show-- literally. The only thing we saw was the dolphins waving their tails goodbye at us. 
Since I have not been to the zoo since they added the Great Bear Wilderness, I had to head over there with Missy to check out the cuddlies. 

But my favorite animals at any zoo are the cats, because I am a leo!

Because one of the sessions of the group had been on the work the zoo, and former scout, had been doing to save the orangutans, we thought it was important to stop in the primate house. Brookfield Zoo has a pretty incredible primate house.   

Missy and I were able to see pretty much the entire zoo that day, something I have never done before on account of always going with little kids in tow in the past. I even had the chance to peruse the many gift shops to find the perfect little gift to add to a basket of goodies that I will be giving away in a couple days here, so make sure you watch for that!