Monday, July 30, 2012

A Garden Party It Is, Sweet 16 or Quince Party Theme

The twin's Quince got away from us last year, don't remember what it was now, but there was a lot of something going on back then. Anyway, that means it's Sweet Sixteen this year and there is no way this birthday is going to get away from us! 

So we have been talking to the twins about what they want to do to celebrate the big day. Tons of ideas, tons of requests, tons of over the top wishes, of course. But the one thing they kept coming back to was hats and an outside party. They are huge fans of everything British, on account of their current favorite show, Downton Abbey, so an English garden party it is!

It's perfect too because we can do it here, on the huge patio, and can pretty much do it on a budget without feeling like there is a budget. This was all decided two days before the tree fell, and for a day or two we lamented over not being able to do the party after all. As of right now, I am confident the wall, the garden, the patio and everything else will be dealt with before then. If its not all back to pretty, at least it won't be a disaster area-- fingers crossed. 

Right now we are all about inspiration, I have two Pinterest boards going, and the twins are watching their favorite British television shows, collecting pics of garden parties the Queen has hosted and flipping through cookbooks. 
lots of little tables covered in floral or white fabric

Source: via Unus on Pinterest

...mismatched tea sets and app plates

Source: via Unus on Pinterest flowers galore 

...and bunting

Source: via Unus on Pinterest



Source: via Unus on Pinterest

...and even party favors

Source: via Unus on Pinterest

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