Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Can't Believe I Can Still Get Her To Do What I Want

Missy and I have this weird relationship, about 50% of the time we are as close as can be, but then she goes through these teenage moments and closes herself off from me because I am enemy #1. Right now we are in the close as can be days, but still she loves doing everything I say not to, or that she knows I would say not to. Like one of those toddlers that just has to push the button when you tell them not to push the button. 

The funny thing is, and the reason I decided to post today, I can get her to do what I say without questioning (or arguing) for some of the weirdest things.
Point in case, these funny pictures I got of her during our recent trip to the Brookfield Zoo. 

BZ is very interactive and we were with a big group, where everyone wants to get pics around the same things. Well, I kept saying, you have to howl or hop or do whatever the photo opp called for, but none of the young ladies we were with would comply on account of being embarrassed. 

So, I grabbed Missy, pushed her over to the wolf cutouts, bison stampede, kangaroo pocket and eagle wings and told her to pose-- properly. Can't believe I can still get her to do what I want when it comes to these things, lol. She howled like a wolf, did an eagle caw, hopped into the momma kangaroo pocket and galloped (why she galloped I don't know) through the bison stampede. 

It wasn't till we got home and I looked through the pics that I laughed out loud, not over her funny pics, but over the two of us because even though she can be a brat on endless occasions, Missy and I will always be like glue.