Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Met Melinda Carroll, Girl Scouts' Rock Star!!!

I was volunteering at this awesome forum this weekend that had me greeting girl guides and girl scouts from all over the country and world, took me all over Chicago and left me inspired and motivated. I'll tell you all about my experience at the forum later, because right now I want to tell you about who I met (besides tons of new girl scout/guide friends and adults). 

I got to meet Melinda Carroll!!  

For those of you that are not girl scouts, or those of you that are girl scouts not in the know, Melinda Carroll is the songwriter and composer of many of our Girl Scout songs.  The most popular one for scouts of my generation is, Change the World, and it was such a fitting song for the forum that I was at because that is what everyone was gathered there for.

For years, no matter where scouting took me in the world, everyone knew and sang that song. It didn't matter what language you spoke, or that you couldn't understand each other for anything else, you knew the songs. 

I've talked before about the power of music, and songs, and the songs by Melinda Carroll are definitely the types of songs that empower, encourage and inspire. 

All in all, I was definitely excited the Melinda Carroll was in attendance and even more excited that I happened to bump into her before she disappeared into the sea of scouts that were in the building. She is the closest thing to a Girl Scout rock star!