Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's Bloming in the Community Garden #WhatsBlooming

A couple weeks ago I stopped by the community garden just to see how it was doing. With the drought, an empty rain barrel and a lack of garden hoses near our own veggie gardens, there was little that survived. I was able to keep up with everything that was growing in containers and the patio garden beds, but there was only one of me. It did give me the chance to see how all the drought resistant and natural gardening I have done around the house actually held up. I am proud to say while the plants went into survival mode, the actual flowers died or wilted, the plants themselves all made it through and are flourishing again all on their own. 

Back to the community garden though. I know that there were plenty of volunteers on hand to take care of all the watering, and you can tell because it is thriving even though there was a huge lack of rain. This specific garden is tended by the village and volunteers in order to supplement the food pantry with fresh veggies, and the variety is incredible. 

 I think I counted about ten different varieties of gourds and squash. I would love to have a couple of each to experiment with in the kitchen.

 I was very jealous of all the eggplants they had growing. Mine always get to about this size before they stop growing at the end of the season.
 There was even a smaller herb garden that is bigger than my veggie garden. You can smell it a mile away, I swear.

Hoping to get back in the community garden before it is picked clean. As for my veggies, we have been bringing in peppers from the container garden, everything from jalapenos to poblanos to banana and green bell peppers. We have tomatoes that are almost ripe, and the eggplant is still growing. Plenty of herbs to dry too!