Thursday, September 20, 2012

About The Name

Now more than ever I find myself explaining the name, Unus Sed Leona. When I started this blog I pretty much just went at it like I did with all the others. No focus, no theme, no one topic in mind, just my sporadic ramblings--- and believe me when I say that I have a lot more rambling through my head than I have the time to sit up and think out through my fingers. 

The names have always been a necessity,
and always spur of the moment. Several of the deleted blogs (I  promise never to delete another) were just numbered because it was the quickest way to get through the setup.  The last three I actually thought about, but not so much in the blogger world sense of, "how are people going to find me". When I say I thought them out, I mean, I thought about what was running through my head at the time, not what the name will mean to the blog or to anyone reading it.

Had I thought about where this blog was going to go, who might end up reading it, I might not have gone with a dead language. Still, I guess its better than the last one-- named for the neutral Zwitterion I was obsessed with on account of long hours in the lab.

The truth is, I named my blog what I named it because I liked it. Yes, even the incorrect gender translation. It's always been my motto, always been how I view everything and everyone that comes into my life. 

It fit. Fit the way my bffs would do anything for me faster than 1000 Facebook friends would even acknowledge others. It fit like that one pair of custom leather boots I spent everything I saved on still do ten years later when all those Italia tees everyone else bought were tossed by the end of summer.  Because seriously, I know its better to have less when what you have is worth more. 

So yeah, I was one of those weird kids that took things like fables to heart. The lion and the fox, I thought that was written for me, just like I thought the Perseids were really mine. 

The name, Unus Sed Leona, is the moral of the story, or rather Unus Sed Leo. It translates to, One, but a Lion, meaning quality over quantity. I changed the Leo to Leona, but left Unus instead of using Una, and I did that because I liked the way it sounded. 

Have the feeling I am going to have to say that over and over again, like I have been for the last two months. Even though I started the blog for me and continue to ramble on like I'm the only one here, there are apparently a lot of you reading and you all want to know the meaning behind the name.