Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hydrate at Raging Waves Water Park #Chicago

Less than an hour outside Chicago is a great way to spend the last weekend of the summer season, Raging Waves Water Park. The girls and I had the chance to have a little fun last weekend, not only on the water slides, but riding the Cowabunga zip line as well. Located in Yorkville, IL, in the middle of a bunch of cornfields, are more thrills than most can manage in a day. 

It was the first time I had been to this particular park, I am more familiar with Magic Waters in Rockford, and I was impressed. There was a wave pool, a lazy river, body and tube slides and then the zip lines.  

I have not been in a wave pool since I was about ten or eleven, so I definitely wanted to relive that fun day. The four of us hit the pool right as we got there and the alarms went off for the waves to begin. What fun!! 

Next up was the lazy river, eh. I thought lazy rivers and adventure rivers were the coolest thing growing up, and even though I would prefer to spend the better part of the day in them now, this one was just not at all exciting. We mainly used it as a way to get from one side of the park to the other, in water, and honestly it seems like that was all it was created for because there is absolutely nothing interesting about the river in or along the way. 

K, so the girls got on all of the slides, I think, both body and tube and loved all of them, though they thought PJs Plummet was kinda scary and The Cyclone was super fast. The three of them loved The Three Sisters, awesome name for slides, don't ya think?!

I did go on the two family tube rides with them, which was perfect seating wise because both of them have four person inner tubes. I was freaking out the whole time watching everyone else go down and fly through the air-- where has my nerve gone?-- but I have to admit it was super fun. The Boomerang drops you straight down into this big open ended funnel, so you shoot up one side and back up the other till you plop down into the pool. Then there was Crocodile Mile which takes the tube down a super fast, dark slide, and I swear we did a total spin in there and went upside down. 

Last up was the Cowabunga Line, a series of four zip lines that take you around the park. By the time our time slot came up, I was whipped, and not into it. I did two of the lines with the girls, and they finished out the course. Not going to do both water park and zip line again, but it was definitely fun. 

Raging Waves is only open for one final weekend, Labor Day Weekend, so make sure you get out there for one last summer hurrah. The twins have gone on and on about all the screaming I did, and I must have because my voice was gone for two days afterwards.