Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Month I'm All About.....

Can't believe summer has come and gone, and now September, the month where I tell myself for thirty days that I can still pretend its summer, is over too. Last year I told myself that I wasn't and didn't have to do another winter, and then winter turned out to be a breeze and I got all soft and make plans and obligated myself to all kinds of things that will keep me here in the cold. Have a lot of decisions to make, plans to hash out, things to either dive into or step away from. And all of those things are kinda what I'm about all about this month......

Two years now and something always happens to throw me off. Its not a lack of focus or anything, both times have been very personal, very painful family things that came first and swallowed up all my energy and time. After our trip to Florida I started entertaining the idea of a beach house for a month, away from everything to just write. My calendar is about half full for the month of November, but when I look at all the stuff on there I keep thinking I could just blow it all off and give myself the month. Decisions. Till then though, I have a hefty reading list to get me in the mood to write fiction, something I don't do nearly enough of anymore.

Moving back to Madrid has been on my mind every day, all day. See what I mean about big decisions. If I do make the move its going to be a dive, it will also mean walking away from a lot of things, things that I am still considering and things that I am already in the middle of. I also have the option of a shorter, temporary move, three months there, a month or two back in Chicago filled with all those obligatory things, then back to living in Madrid. There is a lot to hash out till then, but I have a friend and some family already helping me find a place in either Madrid or Valencia. No clue where or what neighborhood I will end up in, lived in Recoletos overlooking Retiro and then in Guindalera, but it will be a carless situation so it will have to be central enough to get around easily. 
In the neighborhood
Apples are everywhere, in everything. I know that come Halloween I will be so tired of the things I won't eat another till March, but for now I love them. Gonna make a few pies, dip a few in caramel, buy some apple donuts from Tom's. Yup, gonna be all about apples this month when it comes to the baking.     

My Skin & Vitamin E
Lately it seems like everyone is commenting on my skin. Don't know why this is happening more now than before, but I guess I have been fortunate enough to not have to worry about a lot of issues. I seem to have gotten a nice combo of my parent's skin types and aside from daily cleaning, I don't have to do much. Sure, I love finding and trying new products, but 9 times out of 10, when I try something I end up messing with the natural balance and create a skin issue. The only thing I really have an issue with is hyperpigmentation, something that happens when you have darker skin. When I was younger I used to use Vit E religiously, but stopped at some point. I recently started using it again and now am in full on slather mode. The glow and feel of my skin is so different I am ready to go buy my favorite brand in bulk. 

Chunky Knits and Cardis
The first time the mercury drops I am all about looking for something warm to wear. As long as I can find the perfect cardigans to get me through fall, I'm good. A couple chunky knit sweaters for cuddling up in keep me content till I can get to warmer weather. Have you seen all the cardigans Banana Republic came out with this season? Too many to choose from, but I already have one hanging in my closet!

What are you all about this month? I find that fall is always the busiest time of year with everything battling for my attention on account of people coming out of their summer daze and getting down to business.