Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Coolest Thing, Since the Last Cool Thing Happened to Me, Happened to Me! #NASASocial

I slept till one in the afternoon today because I haven't been able to sleep since Friday night.....on account of a little email I got. NASA has invited me to attend a NASASocial at Kennedy Space Center!

What's a NASASocial? It's like an ice cream social on asteroids-- big and out of this world (and the ice cream is freeze dried)! And no calling me a nerd, because I already know I'm a nerd. Hello, I'm going to a NASASocial.

Wondering if I can get my Nerd 4 Life shirt in NASA blue

I've been to KSC once before, with the girls. Remember that crazy trip we took to see STS-135, Atlantis' final launch and the final launch of the Space Shuttle Program? The trip that was promptly overrun with mini-hurricanes, Zeus' rage, tent eating-underwear stealing squirrels and was basically an ode to Murphy's LawI don't think there is anything that can top that day, but this is going to be pretty close and its the perfect addition to my NASA story. 

Looked through pics and there isn't one of me in front of the NASA sign cuz I was the one doing the clicking :/
So basically, like anything with NASA is basic, NASASocials are these special events for social media peeps to attend when there is something BIG happening. This time around, its the final journey of Atlantis to its permanent display at KSC. Attendees get to go behind the scenes, ooOOoo and aaahhh with other Spacetweeps and breathe in air true-blue NASA peeps breathed out. We even get to wear hard hats that may or may not have NASA by-product features, like memory foam lining (though that would be kinda pointless considering the point of memory foam) or scratch resistant plastic. Oh, maybe they will be translucent TPA hard hats!

Totally cool, albeit non NASA by-product, NASA product.
Amazing no?! And I'm going! Errr, I think I'm going. The email, and website, I got alluded to some sort of extra security clearance needed before I'm in in. I swear I am a total Girl Scout (for reals, the card says Lifetime Member) and not at all a threat to National Security, or NASA security, so they gotta let me in. Right?

The only bummer, I can't take anyone with me :( The event is only for one, uno, nada mas. I know my sisters would love to come, love to be there, and I feel bad going without them, but everyone here says, "OMG, GO!"  So, I'm going. And the beauty of the event is the whole "social" aspect because this means that I can see and do and you can see and do with me-- if all those monkeys can do it, we can do it, y'all. 

You can join me on this little journey on Twitter:
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And here on the blog, of course.  

As soon as I get the green light and figure out all the pesky details like how I'm going to get there and where I'm going to lay my head at night, I'll be back to get some ideas and input from the lot of you.  

Off to siesta!

And a big huge THANK YOU to NASA for the invite!