Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Is Right In My World, Or It's Harder to Be Happy

I'm about to get mushy, folks.

I don't know if its because November is the month we are supposed to do all sorts of reflecting, or if its just because so many of the things/people I have been worried about, concerned for etc. are doing well, but I am just a bouncy, happy mess lately. It's worrying me. 

Even when I have things going on around me that I can justifiably be mad about, and angry over, I'm able to bring myself back to that happy place by just removing myself from the source of anger. 

Granted, I have always been the optimistic type and I am pretty good at honing in on those things that make me happy. Still, I think its harder to be happy. Most of the things that bring people happiness take a lot of work to achieve and then maintain.

There was a line in a book I read recently, don't remember which one, but it was the only thing that stuck out. Said something about how we only need three things in life to be happy.

     1. Someone to love
     2. Something you are passionate about to work at now
     3. Some goal or purpose to live/work for  
I stopped reading at that point because the idea that you can get all three of those from a single source had me mulling over all these ideas, possibilities....
There were a lot of things running through my head when I started writing this two days ago, and I'm sure I had a point, I just don't remember where I was going with it anymore, lol. Wish I had a pause button for my brain because I can't keep up with all the stuff that's rolling around in there anymore. Still in a good mood. Still feel like all is right in my world, or getting there. The things that need getting to are working themselves out.  

On account of the unfinished thought that is this post, I am going to share with you an entirely unrelated song that I plan on singing the crap out of all day.  That's the other thing I do-- sing, a lot. I have a song on the tip of my tongue for every emotion, situation, conversation, thought. If you're going through something, I'll sing to you too.  It either makes people crack up or drives them crazy, my family members hate it when they are in a bad mood and I have a bad mood song ready for them :)  I'm good about asking if they want me to sing to them before I start singing to them, but that serves more as a warning.

Anywho, enjoy MANA with me today.