Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Through Cold Season With Mom's Caldo and #KleenexSWS

There is a lot to enjoy about winter, including the holiday season, but with the colder months comes cold and flu season. Can't stand being sick, and I catch a flu or cold every year without fail. When I'm under the weather I want to be surrounded by the cuddliest, softest stuff I own and everything I eat or sip needs to be hot and soothing. It's the only thing that makes me feel better.

Growing up mom would always make caldo de pollo the second any of us had even the slightest sniffle, because its what her mother did for her. I am convinced that I cannot get better until I have some, and it has to be my moms,
because when I was in college no amount of medicine, vitamins, cleaning, fresh air and other people's soup did the trick. My colds went on for days and weeks and I just kept getting a different flu-- I was miserable without that soup. 

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but Kleenex recently launched the Share Pack site, where you can send a box of Kleenex to someone you know to help them get through their own icky days, or just as a way to send a small gift.  Everyone I know, myself included, likes a little attention when they are not feeling well so I thought this was a great idea. Kleenex is constantly making their tissues softer, gentler and now they even make Cool Touch tissues.  When I need to use tissue frequently, like when I have a cold, I don't want to be using tissues that are going to irritate my skin and leave it red after a while. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it's not very attractive either.
Kleenex recently sent me my own care pack, and even though I knew it was coming I was surprised with how cute it was when it got here. Honestly, its the perfect size for my desk and even better on my nightstand where space is at a premium. I only got to enjoy it for the afternoon though because as soon as the twins saw it they claimed it. 

If you have purchased a box of Kleenex lately, make sure you get over to the Kleenex's Softness Worth Sharing site and send a Share Pack off to someone you love!

I get to send a Share Pack to one of my readers so if you want a chance to win, leave me a comment on your tips for getting over a cold and I will draw a winner Friday the 14th.

*This post is compensated and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex. All opinions are my own*