Friday, December 7, 2012

Theology, Art & History: New Books on My Shelf

A few months ago I made myself promise not to buy anymore books until I got through at least half of the books that I bought and still have to read. I cannot keep promises. At least not when it comes to books. For a while I did okay, but that was because I got a Kindle and in addition to books constantly being sent to me, there are a lot of really great books offered at great prices. When it comes down to it, anytime I am within a few feet of books for sale I end up forgetting my promise and browsing.  

Most times I am able to show restraint, and only purchase a couple books that I really, really want to read and know that I am not going to be able to find later.
Then there are times I lose my mind and buy everything that seems interesting. After an entire summer of restraint, I had a mindless couple of days. I'm now left with this stack of books that I really want to read, but really do not have the time to. In order to read any of them I would have to give up sleep and speed read through them-- and I really hate speed reading through anything. 

Its okay though, because there are worse things than drowning in books. Right? 

And the only other thing I like more than reading books, is sharing the books that I come across. Today I wanted to show y'all three "pretty books" I picked up. I have flipped through each one, but going to have to wait till mid January to really get into each of them. They aren't the kind of books you read cover to cover though so flipping is fine for now. 

The first book is, Sacred, and it is a photo and text catalogue of books from the three main faiths: Christianity, Islam and Judaism I majored in Biology in college, but Theology has always been something that I have studied in depth. I didn't realize that I only needed a senior thesis project to earn a double major in Theo till a month before graduation or I would've gone for it. 

The photos included on each text are beautiful, and the largest collection I have seen in one book. Love it. 
I got the second book with my mom in mind. She is responsible for my interest in art and since the subject of the book is mothers, this book is headed her way. Till, The Artist's Mother, gets gift wrapped I am going to keep flipping through it because there are a lot of paintings that I am not familiar with and the background info gives me a different side of each artist. 

The last pretty book I found is, Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War. I actually wish I wasn't in my right mind when I bought this book because the reader that I bought it from had an extensive collection of Civil War and history books that I have never come across. I don't know how she managed to part with so many incredible books. I bought this book because its a good reference point for all the other books I have on the Civil War. I like to know where and what places looked like when I am reading.