Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unus Sed Leona's Week in #Music 412

I have been downloading a song a day for a while, depending on the mood I am in when I wake up, or the mood I want to be in. I am a huge Latin music lover, but I listen to so many genres for so many different reasons. Most of the time it comes down to the lyrics, its danceability, or even just a whim. Here's what I got this week.

Una Mujer Como Yo by Albita
Love how fast and upbeat her salsa music is, and this is by far my favorite song from, Albita. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fox Down Your Pants, Just Weird or Wrong?

I came across a real gem in my email this week- candy colored fox fur vagina patches. No, I did not get auto corrected, I really did mean candy colored FOX (not faux) FUR down there. Who comes up with this stuff?

So apparently a fairly well known spa has come up with a new beauty thing for women to try now that the novelty of vajazzling and tanning tattoos has worn off.  It involves a full bikini wax and then the application of tufts of fox fur that have been colorfully dyed. Bright colored feathers are the other option, though I sincerely hope that the pointy ends have been filed down or something. 

A few things....

Why would you go through the pain of getting rid of the fuzz only to add more obnoxious fuzz?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Love With Downton Abbey

Photo Credit: Town & Country
I don't know why, but for some reason it would make sense that my latest obsession is another British drama-- period one at that. The winter months do require one good excuse to cuddle up on the couch every week.  When Lark Rise to Candleford went off the air I never thought that anything half as good could be produced, but I was wrong. Glad I didn't have to wait for forever.

I am so in love with Downton Abbey. And not just the story, but the fashion. It has always been one of my favorite periods (Edwardian) for clothing, and I just wish I had the daily excuse to dress up. All those beads! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worth a Watch: Christmas in Yellowstone

Before we travel anywhere I like to learn as much about a place as possible. Not saying that I am heading to Yellowstone anytime soon, but like books, PBS really is a window to the world (sidenote: I got to say that once for their cameras). It is somewhere I want to see soon though, in a long list of other places I intend to visit. 

Christmas in Yellowstone is a really beautiful video that is definitely worth a watch. The movie covers the history and wildlife of the park, in a season most visitors don't come around for. Only nature could make this stuff up-- absolutely breathtaking. 
Watch Christmas in Yellowstone on PBS. See more from Nature.