Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Month-- Asparagus, Luvocracy & Books

Spring always has a way of putting me in a much better mood-- not a fan of winter. It also has a way of making me fall in love with everything, and there is so much to fall in love with. 

A couple of things I'm loving this month....

Loving Luvocracy
Ever find something you fall in love with on Beso, Polyvore or Pinterest only to find its sold out or 3 seasons old? Happens to me all the time, super annoying. Recently joined Luvocracy, its like the love child of Pinterest and Beso, where everything recommended has to currently be for sale! Way better. 

Fresh Asparagus
Not sure I am even going to bother vegetable gardening this summer-- its pointless when you live in a shady forest. Going to focus on seasonal cooking more and I love kicking things off with asparagus every spring. On the menu for now, asparagus flatbread, asparagus fritter sticks and asparagus ribbons. Stay tuned for the recipes!

Books, Books and More Books
With so many rainy afternoons I discovered there is such a thing as reading too much (who knew!). My eyes and arms are sore. I've carted home several new to me titles and my own copies of old favorites. Also put up some shelves to house them. 

Best thing is, this month I get to give away several copies of my favorite book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, as part of World Book Night! After participating last year I filled out their survey and commented about the need for bilingual books as well as the addition of Latin American authors. There must have been several of us saying the same thing because Coehlo and Sandra Cisneros were added in English and Spanish! Chevalier also has a title on the list!!

Winter Sale Windfall
Finally, as much as I hate winter, right now is the best time to prep for next winter. I snagged a new Columbia jacket for playing outdoors, an ivory swing coat for special occasions and a new pea coat for everyday all for less than the price of one. Also grabbed warm blankets for cuddling, super cute Vera Wang slippers, boots, scarves for the new coats and almost forgot about the deal on cashmere sweaters I found (you wouldn't believe the prices if I showed you the receipt).  

Anything new you're loving this month? Tell me about it!