Sunday, March 9, 2014

If You See Me Skipping.....#SpaceX3 #NASASocial

There's this thing I do occasionally. People close to me are used to it, people that don't know me just ignore it, smile, stare. Sometimes I can't help it. 

I skip. 

I used to scuttle, but that took too long. 

At some point as a child I realized I could cover more ground faster and started skipping.  

Why do I skip?

Well, growing up my parents made a point of taking family vacations to important, historic places. I was obsessed with who walked where, touched what and did important things in the very spot I was standing.  I would make a point of scuttling across the floor of whatever place we were visiting to make sure that I was "stepping onto history"-- and I think it was the whole step into history mantra of the places we went got me started. 

Anyway, I would tackle places like a grid to make sure I covered as much area as possible. Some places were just too big, and we had to keep moving along on the tour or I switched to scuttling. That still wasn't fast enough though.

At some point I switched to spontaneous skipping and talked myself into being okay with the fact that my feet were on the ground less. 

Every once in a while now, I find myself doing a little skip. Just a little one. 

The idea that big things happened or are happening on the very place I am standing is so exciting it just comes out in a skip. :)

For the next month I have some very big things coming up-- just hoping I have the energy to get through it all. My NASA invitation is the most exciting though. Can hardly contain myself. 

So excited I want to do a giveaway! Make sure you come back and hear about my NASA trip later this month, and all the other events & happenings I get to do back in Chicago and everywhere else. I promise to get better about sharing here-- hard to keep up with the blog when you are always running.

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