Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Etsy Blackholes

Its been a while, too long really, since I was sucked into Etsy for the better part of a morning. Lazy Saturdays are perfect for that though, right?
How Zorro spends his Saturdays :)
I used to have a busy Etsy shopped, that I closed, and then opened up a new one that I was too busy to fill and keep going. But, now that I am on another giant purge and feeling super crafty-- it's a fall thing-- I've been super tempted to start stocking it with cool finds again. 

Naturally, its led to me browsing, studying and taking notes over on Etsy, and I've found a ton of really neat stuff that I want to buy. And that is my problem folks, I get sucked into browsing and never get to stocking.

To Goal Digging
I've knocked out so many goals this year. It feels good. Going after so many others too, so when I saw this from AbbyandGrace I couldn't help but laugh.

Shiny Star Decals 
These Black Star Wall Decals from tayostudio remind me of the glow in the dark stars I grew up with, only prettier. No nursery here, but that wouldn't stop me and shouldn't stop anyone from buying them. They also come in silver. 

To Making It Happen
I like making things happen, and I like people that make things happen. I met Libby a few months back, at a space event-- turns out we are both space nerds-- but I didn't know she was a doodler. I need a reason to order a whole bunch of these

Because Space
I talk about my love for all things space here on the blog all the time. Naturally, it leads to me picking up random spacey things. This is the coolest cutting board I've seen in a long time.  

They might suck up my time, but I never regret Etsy sessions. The artists and artisans always leave me inspired and remind me of the things I love. 

Stay tuned for the re-opening of my own Etsy store. My sister Melissa is going to help me stock and run it. We love vintage everything, and then we get inspired by our vintage finds and create.