Friday, November 21, 2014

Because Beauty is Contagious #FeelBeautifulFor

*This is a sponsored post with Dove and Global Influence. All opinions are mine.*

Working with so many girls and young women on a regular basis, you get to chatting with them about all the things that are important to them. Of course, their looks and beauty come up, and while they may be insecure about the things they want to talk about, they are not shy about asking. 

Dove is so well known for its body positive campaigns that I am always eager to hear about the next one. This time Dove asked me about the beauty legacy I want to leave, who I want to be beautiful for, now and in the future. Honestly, I had an answer the second the question was asked. 

I've talked a little about the space and STEM journey that I have been on lately. I've always believed that when you are passionate about something, other people can sense that and want to be a part of it too. Turns out its true. One of the things I get told a lot is that my enthusiasm for space is so infectious, that it inspires them to want to learn more. 

When it comes to the young women that I volunteer with, nothing thrills me more than for one of them to tell me that they want to be as crazy about the things they love when they grow up. When you're happy and share that happy, it makes other people want to be happy too. So sappy, I know, but it makes everything worth it. 

Things like this, make me even more excited about the future, both mine and all the young women that I work with. 

One thing I promised to share, was a giveaway that Dove is hosting. You can win a $25 Spa Week Gift Card! 

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But what I really want to know is, who do you want to feel beautiful for?