Sunday, March 9, 2014

We're Hosting a #NASASocial Twitter Party! #SpaceX3

If you are not familiar with Spacetweepers, you are missing out. Space and social media just go together, y'all. It's the best way to find out what's going on, meet and network with other folks that are passionate about space, the space program or just trying to figure out what they're looking at in the night sky in a particular part of the world. 

One of the big things I have coming up is a trip to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and I am going to have the chance to meet a lot of folks passionate about space. Some of the folks I've been following on Twitter for a while, and others I have only just met. 

Before we get together we are going to host a little twitter party to get ready! 

Join us to talk NASA, Space-X, rockets, robotics and space on Tuesday, March, 11th at 8pm CST. And make sure to follow along on Twitter after the party to come along with us on our trip to NASA's KSC!

Party Details:
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 11th 8pm CST
Duration: 1 hour (officially, lol)
Hosted by: @Chitownchica
Co-Hosts: @SecretColGrl @AstroGingerSnap
Hashtags: #NASASocial #SpaceX3
Surprises: A few of us are putting together some awesome NASA swag grab bags to give a way! A little bit of vintage NASA swag, stuff for kiddos, gift store swag type things. 

How to Join In:
Joining a twitter party is easy! Follow me or any one of the co-hosts on Twitter (to win one of the swag bags you must follow me on Twitter so I can DM for shipping). Another easy way to follow along is to follow either of the hashtags: #NASASocial or #SpaceX3. Then just show up on twitter and ask us questions, lots of questions, interact and have fun!

RSVP here:
If you want to throw your name in the hat for a NASA swag prize, add your twitter profile to the linky so we can choose names easier.  


If You See Me Skipping.....#SpaceX3 #NASASocial

There's this thing I do occasionally. People close to me are used to it, people that don't know me just ignore it, smile, stare. Sometimes I can't help it. 

I skip. 

I used to scuttle, but that took too long. 

At some point as a child I realized I could cover more ground faster and started skipping.  

Why do I skip?