Friday, March 13, 2015

Housekeeping and A Little Bit of Everything Else

There are two things I find myself saying every day: take that off the table and I still need to do that. 

Last year I lost two big writing contracts, one after the other; and then a third contract a few months later. What this meant though, was that I regained the rights to everything I wrote for them-- outside of what had been syndicated. I was going through a lot of personal housekeeping and was not prepared for the work that was involved to archive, save, transfer, file etc. 

Around the same time I was struggling with the idea that my blog had gotten away from me, a feeling I still have. Rather than trying to manage it all, I ignored the majority of it; I ignored my blog entirely and dumped all my writing onto a drive to be sorted later. Life and day to day writing ensured that I could carry on ignoring both. 

I don't have a house to clean anymore, but I have a lot of online housekeeping that needs doing-- starting with this blog. 

On This Blog
A gift
This blog will be moving soon. It will keep the name and I'll keep writing it, but I am going to get back to writing about the things that inspire and excite me. It will go back to being my personal space to write, because I'm not sure what it is right now. 

On Other Personal Writing Projects
I have more writing projects in the pan that I care to admit to. Know that they are coming and each one has a different focus. That'll be where I write about all the other things. Things that just pop into my head but aren't in line with my personal blog, or things that other people bring to my attention. You can stay on top of all of that here, if you care to.  

On Professional Writing
I'm always writing, but I took a hiatus from publishing. Had a lot of marketing contracts, finishing work, editing and ghostwriting to keep me busy. Decided that I still have a lot to say, and a lot of stories to tell. To keep writing what I want, when I want and where I want I've decided to go entirely freelance. Harder, but better for me. Last month I snagged a column where I can talk about all things STEM (going to be space science heavy!) on The Huffington Post! I'm hoping to add a couple more regular places over the next few months. 
Click on the image to go straight to my page. 
I'm still organizing all my old work, but everything that I own digital rights to stays in a time-stamped portfolio that will only be shown to inquiring editors. All the new stuff I publish will be going on the new website, where this blog will also be re-homed. 

On The Book
I've been asked to write one. I'm working on it. 

On STEM Things
I even spoke at my alma mater. 
STEM stuff has taken over my life. I don't mind at all, but in case you were's where my head is. I've been doing a lot of speaking. A lot of setting stuff up and making sure it's ready for the public to participate in. I am still working with a lot of scouts. And there is a foundation and a conference on the way. Madballs. 

On Where I Am
Anytime I'm asked for my current address, or to cover an event, it turns into a lengthy conversation to determine whats going to work. I am not in Chicago. I gave up a permanent address. I'm on an adventure. I'm just getting started and already learned that while a lot can fit into a suitcase, you really don't need all of it. 
Zorro is adventuring with me
On Everything Else
There's a lot of it. I'm trying to get to it. I'll share as it happens.